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Our Sensible Process For Families For Sitters

  • Fill out a Sensible Family profile

    Fill out a brief profile telling about your family and and special needs you have.

  • Discuss with a specialist

    If desired, discuss your family’s needs with a Sensible Specialist

  • Choose a Sitter

    Choose a sitter online or let the Sensible System match you with a sitter that meets your needs.

  • Set up Payments

    Submit your credit card for automatic billing at the end of each booking… for ease, payments are automatically routed to sitters.

My girls LOVE all the sitters! They are smart, sweet, fun, and responsible. Woohoo

Kelly K. Bensimon @kellybensimon

The sitters we've used are great. We really trust them and our kids have made some great personal connections.

Mayte Garza Atlanta Mother of Two

They have come to my rescue on numerous occasions with last-minute bookings, odd requests and general help with the overall chaos of parenting.

N.H. Atlanta Mother of One
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Be a Sensible Family

Sensible Sitters does the homework for you.

Sitters are background checked, have provided references and are met in person by a Sensible Specialist. Sensible Sitters only accepts the highest quality caregivers into its vetted network.

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Sensible Sitters is a gift. It's a trusted resource-- part of our day-to-day lives that makes our day-to-day lives work. We could not be more grateful for the reliable, responsible, trustworthy, creative and loving women Sensible Sitters has sent our way or more aware of how truly lucky we are to have each of them as part of our lives.

Alexandra Buckley Voris Co-Founder Bitsy's Brainfood

Be a Sensible Sitter

We are seeking the best and the brightest to join the Sensible Sitters network.

We attract the best families and therefore want the best sitters. Sensible Sitters have lofty aspirations… are seeking to change the world, but in the meantime they like spending time and educating children while also making some money.

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Once you create a profile, you will be contacted by a Sensible Specialist to begin the vetting process as detailed here.